Electric Vehicle Charging System



Megawatts is well-experienced to supply and install Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging systems for your business, buildings, factories, carparks, condos, home and etc. We partner with major EV manufacturers and EV ChargePoint operators to provide turnkey solution if required by our customers. EV chargers currently come in 2 main types, which are generally known as AC Charging and DC Fast Charging models. In AC Charging, the EV is connected to AC power and a battery charger in the EV converts the AC power to the DC needed to charge the battery and controls the charging process. AC charging is generally limited by the AC power available and the size of the onboard battery charger installed in the EV. In DC Charging, the EV charger converts the AC power to DC and the DC power is sent directly to the EV battery bypassing the onboard battery charger. This allows the DC Charger to charge the EV battery directly. DC Charging is limited by the rating of the charging equipment and the amount of power available from the utility or other primary power sources. Fast Charging is mainly for commercial use or fleet operations due to cost and higher capacity charging. There is also a limit on the amount of power an EV battery can accept, which affect the speed of fast Charging. For instance, if the EV has a 50kW acceptance rate and a 100kW DC Fast Charging is connected, the EV will only charge at 50kW.

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