Hybrid Energy System

Hybrid Energy System



Hybrid power supply system comprise mainly of Solar, Battery Energy Storage and Generator. This system is applicable for both Land and Marine Electrification. During Day Time, Photovoltaic (PV) generated energy is used first and foremost to optimize consumption. Excess energy is used to charge the batteries. During Night Time, the system is switched to battery after sundown. Should the battery capacity be insufficient, electricity is obtained from Gas/ Diesel generator. The Battery Energy Storage works to level out the fluctuations of power generated from solar energy. The battery functions include bridging, peak shaving, shifting, and smoothing. The Generator works to compensate the shortfall in supply from the solar on rainy days or during nighttime. (Standby Power) The Control System works to balance and stabilize the supply and demand of the whole system in case of rapid and sudden load fluctuations. The Control System includes Battery Management System, Energy Management Systems, Hybrid Control System and Operations Monitoring Systems. The System will be protected and fitted with Cooling and Fire Suppression Features.

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